JAVA Coffee Roasters established JAVA UNIVERSITY for the purpose of getting to the heart of understanding coffee and teaching what we believe in. Only by empowering and enthusing people can those same people go on to create. 
Specialty coffee is not exclusive, it is inclusive and we throw open the doors and invite everyone to get to know and share the tastes, techniques, knowledge, and experiences of the specialty beans.
We have trainings for both the professionals and Home Brewers:
For JAVA Coffee Roasters wholesale clients, we offer free of charge and unlimited training for your teams of baristas.

To do what you do every day, it is important to empower your team so that every cup they curate brings that customer back. For Home Brewers, the HOME BARISTA course introduces core brewing skills to anyone with an interest and passion for coffee. It makes a perfect gift!

JAVA UNIVERSITY has a lesson to be learned for everyone interested in coffee whether you be a beginner, an intermediate or a professional working in the most demanding foodie establishments. 

For more details, please contact: Łukasz Stępniak Head Trainer JAVA UNIVERSITY [email protected] or by phone +48 530 030 605